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Correct nutrition is an important starting point for a healthy and healthy everyday life. The feed we sell at the clinic is well produced and documented to ensure that it contains all the nutrients the dog/cat needs to function optimally. Most of our feed cannot be bought in a regular pet shop.

We have both regular complete feed and special feed, where the special feeds can support the treatment of various diseases, ailments or conditions and give your pet a more comfortable everyday life. Feel free to ask us at reception for feeding guidance and recommendations for your animal, and we will help you.

The dry and wet food we sell is intended for dogs and cats.


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In addition to dry and wet feed, we also sell various feed supplements. We have different products from several manufacturers, both for fur, joints, gastrointestinal tract, teeth and more. Just ask us at the counter and we will help you find something suitable for your pet.


In addition to feed and supplements, we also sell other things over the counter. Everything from eyewash and shampoo to toys, as well as dental health products.

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