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The clinic opened its doors on 18 August 2008. Since then, we have gradually expanded our premises, as well as the treatment and diagnostic offer.

We have good equipment for correct diagnostics, and our aim is that you as a customer should feel confident in the correct treatment and receive good personal follow-up.

We are now 4 vets and 3 assistants who work to give you and your animal the best treatment and service.

With our bright, spacious premises and two waiting rooms, we facilitate a good experience for you and your pet here with us.

We also have stables so that we can take care of your pet throughout the day if necessary.

Who are we


Julia Breen

Veterinarian and general manager

General manager and initiator for the opening of Årnes Veterinærklinikk 1 2008.

Graduated from the Academy of Veterinary Medicine, St. Petersburg in Russia in 2000.

Worked at the Small Animal Hospital in St. Petersburg during and after the studies.

Authorized veterinarian in Norway 2008 after two years at the Norwegian Veterinary College


Per Johan Stade


Educated at the Norwegian Veterinary College in 2003.

Has worked at the clinic since its inception in 2008.

He is particularly interested in teeth and oral health, and is often referred to as our "dentist".


Ulrich Ohm


Educated at the Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover in Germany in 1996, and since then has regularly taken courses in small animal practice at home and abroad. His previous course was General practitioner  in small animal medicine and surgery 2015-2019 (general practitioner Gp SAM & SAS).

He has worked both as a private practitioner and as a municipal and district veterinarian in various places in Norway, and was co-owner of Kongsvinger Veterinærklinikk for 20 years. He was employed as a senior veterinarian at Anicura Kongvinger 2015-2018, and then started working with us.

He now owns the dog Selmer, an Australian Cobberdog almost 3 years old. 


Anastasia Naas


Graduated from the Academy of Veterinary Medicine in Moscow in 1998. She did her master's program in immunology at the Milan Veterinary Institute. After that she worked in small animal practice in Bulgaria, Italy, Cyprus, New Zealand, Great Britain and Norway. In New Zealand she specialized in orthopedics and worked in an equine clinic. In 2017, she moved to Norway and worked both here as an employee and as a self-employed veterinarian in Oslo and Nittedal.  In January 2023, she started working with us.


Katrine Dalen

Clinic assistant

Katrine started working at the clinic in 2011,
and has until now gained knowledge and experience through private and work.

She has a great love and care for animals.

Katrine also holds dog classes. In 2017, Katrine was trained as a dog instructor at Catch Dog Training.


Gry Stabell Karlsen

Fysio-/rehabterapeut og assistent

Has worked at the clinic since 2012.

Qualified physio/rehab therapist in 2015 at Klinikk-Soleo.

Certified user of medical laser at Optilaser.

Member of NFRFD

Is a trained instructor at Din Beste Venn dog school 2010,
and holds courses in everyday obedience at Disen Gård in Vormsund.

Physio/rehab therapist and assistant

Screenshot 2023-02-10 08.37.39.png

Sandra Anastasia Nikolaisen

Clinic assistant

Sandra Nikolaisen is particularly fond of the four-legged.

She has experience with both animals and customers since she was little. Her mother worked with dog breeding, she has gone to nature vgs. and 1 year on the dog line. She also has a lot of experience in working with both customers and animals through previous jobs at several different pet stores. 

Sandra says: "I myself live in Oslo, but I think Årnes Veterinærklinikk is a very nice place where I feel comfortable, and has been the commute for me :)"

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